My wife and I hired Spencer to shoot both our engagement photos and our wedding. I believe we were his first official wedding he had ever shot which for some people it could be intimidating. Spencer was the opposite. He constantly collaborated with my wife, making sure their visions (also mine ;)) aligned through email and Pinterest boards. We felt extremely lucky to have a photographer who gave us such a personalized experience. On top of his communication, he is also an amazing photographer which is why at the end of the day he will Have a very successful career. I believe there are a lot of great photographers out there but Spencer is on a different level. He has an eye for the “epic” shot which we first discovered through his Instagram @epicspence . After our engagement session photos were completed we had so many people asking us who took our pictures and that we looked like models. It gave us so much confidence going into the wedding that Spencer would be able to capture our special day in his own unique way. Needless to say, the wedding photos turned out amazing and we couldn’t have asked for a better photographer to work with. We are honored and excited that we got to be his first wedding because in a couple years he will be way out of our pay grade when more people see his work. Thanks Spencer!
— David Downs



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